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Resources for Dads

Adding a child to a family is a big change for everyone involved. Much attention is given to mothers and less for fathers. This is a quick guide to helpful resources for new fathers, or dads of growing families.

National Fatherhood Initiative:

  • This website has many free Ebooks, research, videos and guides for all things fatherhood. Has skill building videos for dads.

  • Helps you find ways to connect with your child or find groups to help you along the way.

Attend both birth and newborn care classes.

  • These are worth the time and money because you build a sense of confidence in what you are doing and how to do everyday tasks like change a diaper, learn how to soothe a crying baby, bottle preparation, swaddling, bathing etc.

  • These are vital tasks for caring for a child and mastering them will make you feel like a better dad.

The Birth Partner: a Guide for Dads, Doulas, and labor companions.

  • This book is helpful so you know what is involved during pregnancy and labor and most importantly how you can help.

  • It guides you through ways to be active and involved with pain management as well as what to expect.

Dr. Jay Warren also has a dedicated podcast for fathers called “The Dadhood Journey”. With a private facebook group for engagement and conversations.

Dr. Jay Warren has a podcast “healthy births, happy babies” with episode 120 of 9 ways dads can best support moms during pregnancy. Episode 121 is "7 ways dads can best support moms during postpartum".

If you are struggling to meet the demands of fatherhood, reach out. Many fathers struggle with life stressors in this stage of parenthood and we can help.

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