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Have you ever heard a mother talk about her breastfeeding journey? It can vary wildly. See how Dr. Shaw used chiropractic and naturopathic care to help her own child.

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Mothers in Business

Making friendships that last and build your business.

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Adjusting babies

How would you adjust an infant?

 I adjust children because birth is traumatic, not just in difficult labors but all labors. After my own labor, I knew that it was hard on mother and child. Children's brains are growing and developing with their bodies, chiropractic makes it so there is clear communication between the two. 

Every child needs to be screened to be sure their brain and body are indeed communicating well for optimal development. As parents, we do believe our children are smart and beautiful. Chiropractic can help with so many things because our brains control every tissue in the body.  

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Dr. Shaw tells us about a Patient Testimonial

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