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Dr. Shaw is Fort Collins' only Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine and Chiropractic

Each person we see is seen for the full functioning human they are. You will see the difference in how you are treated from the very first visit.


Paperwork for your first visit

Please fill this out before your visit.

Infants and Children

Each child is unique in their development, temperament, and challenges.
This packet covers birth history, family health, and developmental milestones.
Please fill this out before your child's visit.

Pregnant Women

Feel more comfortable every day with regular bodywork. Each pregnancy is different from another even for the same woman. 
Dr. Shaw has advanced training to serve pregnant mothers and improve birth outcomes.


Our office treats the whole person and not just your current condition, disease or symptom. Our approach focuses on you, your life, and special situations.
When filling out this paperwork you will see the difference in both the depth and variety of questions asked.
The best results come when people take their time filling out these pages.


Can I afford it?

It is our policy to be transparent and work with you and your budget. Living a healthy life opens up possibilities while being ill costs you so much more than money.

If you need options to fit your budget talk to Dr. Shaw. 

Discuss creating a written financial plan specifically for your financial situation. It's time to heal. 


Nature supports health!

When your brain and body communicate clearly, you function optimally!


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