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Lymphatic Drainage Massage

For anyone who has wondered if they are coming down with something after feeling a lymph node in their neck, here is a therapy you can use to aid in your healing.

Consider using this self care modality whenever you are feeling stagnant, beginning to feel ill, or have any health challenge. Lymphatic fluid and flow through lymph nodes is one way our body responds to immune triggers. Lymphatic drainage massage is a technique of gentle motions and strokes along the lymphatic channels of our body. These lymphatic channels can be found along our blood vessels and lymph nodes.

For most people feeling a sore throat, sinus headache or stuffy nose will benefit from starting at the collar bones with a pumping motion, proceeding to the ears with a downward stroke to the collar bones. Completing 25-50 strokes or pumps at each of these sites is helpful, use enough pressure to slide the skin no more.

1. Start at collar bones with pumping motion

2. Next stroke from ears to collar bones along the front of the neck

3. Ears to collar bones back of the neck

4. Jaw line, chin to ears

5. Nose to jaw following Frown lines

6. Cheek bones to ears

7. Forehead to temple

8. Reverse the above sequence from top of the head to collar bones.

9. End with pumping motion on the collar bones

Feel free to use dry skin or lotion, whatever feels best. This is a beautiful technique to do for yourself when you need to relax or increase the comfort of a sick child.

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