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Magic Socks

At home hydrotherapy is an incredibly helpful tool during trying times. The exposure to temperatures outside of our normal range build resilience in the body and improve circulation and thermal control.

See a video explaining Magic Socks and the below instructions so you have guidance as you try this simple and effective therapy on your own.

Magic Socks

This is a simple to do at home hydrotherapy, also known as Warming Socks or Wet Socks. I recommend doing every night right before bed for 3 nights when you feel a cold, flu or sinus congestion or other illness coming on.

Materials needed:

  • thin cotton socks

  • thick wool socks

  • cold and hot water


  1. Get your feet very warm. Soak them in a hot foot bath or take a toasty shower. Soak until feet feel very warm usually 10-15 minutes.

  2. Consider drinking a hot cup of tea to warm yourself from the inside as well.

  3. Soak a pair of very thin cotton socks (ankle high is fine) in very cold water. For added contrast, add ice cubes to the water or place socks in the refrigerator.

  4. Dry your feet and wring out the cotton socks.

  5. Put on the cotton socks then put a pair of very thick (dry) wool socks on over the cotton socks.

  6. Go straight to bed and rest.

In the morning, your socks will be dry, your feet will be warm and your head will feel clear.

I do not recommend this for people who have Raynaud’s, circulation issues, or loss of sensation on their feet.

If you would like to see a video explaining this at home therapy see Shaw Family Practice’s Youtube Channel


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